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Marcy's Minutes

Healthcare Enrollment

What's new! Posted on Mon, November 14, 2016 19:24:07

Drivers: now is the time to sign up for health insurance.

Open enrollment began Nov. 1 and continues through January 31. If you want your coverage to start by January 1, you’ll need to enroll by Dec. 15.

Depending on your household income, you are likely to be eligible for subsidies towards the cost of your health insurance. This is true even though Hallcon offers insurance to you because the plans offered by Hallcon do not meet the requirements for comprehensive coverage.

In order to avoid the tax penalties under the Affordable Care Act, you must have health insurance. These tax penalties are hefty: $695 per adult, and $347.50 per child under 18. Avoid these fees and get access to the health care you need by enrolling in insurance today!

California Residents use Covered California

Arizona and Nevada Residents Use

UE Local 1077 e-board coming to Northern California 10/16 – 10/19

What's new! Posted on Thu, October 13, 2016 13:39:34

Drivers in northern CA & Nevada: keep an eye out for your Executive Board members. They’ll be doing visits in Stockton, Roseville, the Bay Area & Sparks on Monday & Tuesday next week in conjunction with their quarterly in-person meeting.

Come out meet your elected officers . We want to know what your work related issues are and try to address them if possible.

Thank you,

Ron Russell

The Members run this Union!

What's new! Posted on Tue, July 19, 2016 14:23:39

Brothers and Sisters,

Over the last 2+ years you have heard over and over “The members run this Union!”

What does that really mean?

We as Union members make the choices. Some guy sitting behind a desk in Chicago doesn’t tell us what we are doing, take our dues money, and not return our calls as has been in the past. We choose the direction we wish to take. This is what makes UE unique. We elect officers and stewards to be our advocates with our best interest in mind. We don’t pander or pad the wallets of special interest. Our members truly are our voice.

How can you be involved and help out?

The best way to get a real introduction is to become a Shop Steward. Stewards are needed in every yard. They are the advocates for all of us when there is a discrepancy, conflict, or negotiation.

If you wish to become a shop steward in your yard or would just like more information contact your area Chief Steward or use the CONTACT US tab on the main website.

Without members help and participation we are just your joe average union!

Thank You and be safe!

Ron Russell

$15/hr Min Wage negotiations

What's new! Posted on Thu, May 12, 2016 12:38:46

Many have asked. Whats with the new $15 min. wage increase in California? When will we get this raise?

So the answer for now is we have Demanded to Bargain with Hallcon as of the beginning of April. We await their response and look forward to meeting with them to negotiate.